MONSTRUACIÓN was the first band from the Iberian Peninsula to practice the "mixture" between styles such as punk, OI, hardcore, ska, reggae or rock. That, together with their committed and truly revolutionary texts for their time, made them one of those bands of punk culture that the city of Barcelona and its periphery gave in the 80s, about which recent books now speak. (. Group formed in 1984 in Cornellà de Llobregat - the same town that saw the birth of LA BANDA TRAPERA DEL RÍO maintains in its current lineup two original members Alfredo (voice) and Floreal (guitar and voice), and the recent additions of Viktor Nieto as the third voice and drummer of the Always Drinking Marching Band or Punkies de Postal among many other groups to which he provides his services, Alex bassist and creator of La Funkoteka on electric bass and Miguel "laka" on guitar.